Heart of the Athlete

FCA’s exciting Local Radio program, Heart of the Athlete is on @ 9am each Saturday on KBXL, 94.1 FM here in the Treasure Valley! The show is hosted by Pastor Tom Dougherty from Cloverdale Church of God and our local FCA director Ken Lewis. Our Local FCA show is a great opportunity to listen to local athletes and coaches share about their lives combining sports and their faith in Jesus Christ each week! Ken Lewis is the FCA Director for the state of Idaho. If you wish to hear an earlier episode send your request to info@myfamilyradio.com

Show Episode List

Boise State Basketball: Gordy Presnell

Boise State Basketball: Phil Beckner

Track and Field: Jerry Lunsford

Weiser High Basketball: Jason Kerner

Basketball Bracketology: David Schafer

NNU Soccer: Mary Trigg

Boise State Football: Jacob Roh


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  • I had no ideal Tom was doing a program until my brother Larry e-mailed me. Now I’ve got the station on my favorites. Living in Denmark the internet has been great to keep me connected with the Treasure Valley. I also enjoy the spiritual end of the show. I am so glad your programs are filed so I can listen anytime I want. Due to the time difference this is fantastic for me. Thanks for the great programs and keep it up.

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