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Rely on ScriptureThis┬ánondenominational group Bible study hopes to utilize the connectivity of the internet and radio to help spread God’s Word and to share His presence in our lives to others. Our mission is to spiritually uplift our community, and work with others in their communities to share towards the greater good. We aim to be tireless in our energies to work together in this effort. While our resources are limited, God is not. Any accomplishments come only from Him. You can catch Rely on Scripture each weekday from 8-9PM MST here on 94.1 The Voice. Learn more at


Show Episode List

Romans Pt. 8

Romans Pt. 7

Romans Pt. 6

Romans Pt. 5

Romans Pt. 4

Romans Pt. 3

Romans Pt. 2

Romans Pt. 1

Clean in Christ

Redemption and Reward

Love and Righteousness

Revelation 6

Revelation 5

Revelation 4

Revelation Churches 3 of 3

Revelation Churches 2 of 3

Revelation Churches 1 of 3

Revelation Chronology of

123 John Pt. 2

123 John Pt. 1

Galatians Pt. 2

Galatians Pt. 1

Daniel 8.14

Daniel 12

Daniel 10&11 Pt. 2

Daniel 10&11 Pt. 1

Daniel 70 Weeks

Daniel 8&9

Daniel Faithful Servant

Isaiah 28

Hebrews 9&10/ The Pearl

Hebrews 3&4

Holy Feasts 5 of 5

Holy Feasts 4 of 5

Holy Feasts 3 of 5

Holy Feasts 2 of 5

Holy Feasts 1 of 5

The Book of Joel

Beginning of End

Alpha Omega

Worldview of Joy

Scripture Through the Centuries

Micah Pt. 5

Micah Pt. 4

Micah Pt. 3

Micah Pt. 2

Micah Pt. 1

None Righteous and What I Must Do

Christianity and Islam Pt.2

Christianity and Islam Pt. 1

Weather in The Bible Pt.2

Weather in The Bible Pt. 1

John Pt. 5

John Pt. 4

John Pt. 3

John Pt. 2

John Pt. 1

Philippians Pt. 2

Philippians Pt. 1

2 Peter and Jude

1 Peter Pt. 2

1 Peter Pt. 1

Romans Pt. 15

Romans Pt. 14


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