Life, Health and Things That Matter

Life, Health and Things That Matter

Life, Health, and Things That Matter is 28-minute program that airs Mondays and Thursday at 4pm on our sister station 790 AM Boise’s Solid Talk and Saturdays on KBXL at 9:30am and 7pm.

Tony and Brenda Ball lost 80 pounds in the summer of 2009 and became passionate about health. Since January 2010 they have been sharing their message of hope with the Treasure Valley.

If you or someone you love struggles with weight or you just want to become your best, healthiest self, we invite you to connect with Tony and Brenda  by calling 208-321-4004 or  visiting

Show Episode List

How Many Diets Have You Tried?

Change Your Life!

Amy and Rich Are Getting Healthy Together

UPDATE: Amy is Down 14 lbs. in 3 Weeks!

Amy is Down 9 lbs in One Week

Jeff & Julie: Certified Health Coaches

Darin & Debby: 25lbs a Piece in Six Weeks

Down 15lbs and Medication Cut in Half

What is Your Struggle?

You Are Not Alone!

Lucas – Paying it Forward – Part 2

Lucas – Paying it Forward – Part 1

Living in Grace

Hope: Encouragement for Today

Need Some Encouragement Each Week!?

Stories of Transformation

Hope Again!!

What Matters Most to You?

Strategies, Stories, & Struggles

Dr. Ed Race’s Breakthroughs for Health

Rick is Down 95lbs. and is Still Going!

Katie is Down 80lbs. and Shares Her Story

Brenda Shares Her Story

Mark’s Down 123lbs!

Rita Lost 17lbs. in 7 Weeks

Angela and Rita – Two Transformations

Be Real, Be Authentic, Be Present

Lucas and Erica are Big Losers!

Transformation of the Heart

Want to Help Others Change Their Lives?

We Are in A Battle!

Jim is 71 Years Old and Lost 40lbs!!

Tony and Lucas

Are You Ready!?

Katie (Part 2 of 2)

Katie (Part 1 of 2)

Weight Losers Erica and Katie


What If You Were Healthier?

Your Weight Doesn’t Need to Control You!

Habits Over Time

Watch What You Eat

Teresa from Oregon

Dr. Ed Race, Alliance Physical Medicine

7 Years of Healthy Living

Growth is an Ongoing Journey

Is Your Mind Healthy?

Breakthrough and Transformation

Small Habits and Choices

Do You Want a Breakthrough!?

The Importance of a Plan and a Support Team

Everyone Has Trials

What’s Your Long-Term Health Plan?

Guests Jon and Pam Strain

Implement Small Choices for BIG RESULTS

What Are You Dreaming of with Sandi Jones

Chat with a 20 lb. Loser!

Slow Down!!

Why Did God Give Us Food?

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  • BRENDA! YOU”RE FABULOUS!! HERE!! oh and honey i find it easier to eat a bunch of chocolate with the love of my life until im sick to my stomach!! id rather do that then argue about NOT eating it and fall out of love.. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BY THE WAY…YOU CAN DO IT AND YOURE WORTH IT! SAY IT OUT LOUD AMEN!!!! AMEN!!!

  • Gotta save some of that adrenal gland strength for kissin instead of chewing you know!! and making a love tea potion from herbs is GREAT! plus you know what i love the most for dinner on valentines?..its nearly fat free. authentic ratatouille!! french at its best.. you just saute garlic and olive oil W/ basil and cook all your veggies SEPARATELY ( ya know the ones in the recipe) then arange in a lovely order on the baking dish and bake it.. its real Good. so many great dishes out there that are lovely and healthy like BUDA bowls…just the bowls not the BUDA you know!!. anyways best wishes to you and yours MUCH LOVE X another thing for spring is making salads garnish with fruit and eatibe flowers. a nice love not under the mans coffee mug is always nice..woman gots to be romantic otherwise what are they good for?

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