The two-and-a-half day romantic weekend getaway is a time to be together as a couple to invest in and strengthen the foundation of your marriage, no matter how firm or fragile it is. By getting away from the distractions of life, you can fortify your most important relationship and work toward building wonderful memories together, for decades to come.Read More →

A New Beginning Adoption Agency offers FREE Adoption Information Seminars once a month and we discuss U.S. Infant Adoptions. the Foster-Adoption Program, International and Private Adoptions. It’s a great opportunity to meet your Adoption Specialist, learn about the Adoption Process, Legal expectations and training. Adoption Panel Discussions are also FREE but also give you a chance to talk to adoptive families and adoptees who have been through the Adoption Journey. Click to learn more!Read More →

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Today Pastor Bob Larson will be teaching in the New Testament in the book of Revelation and beginning in Revelation 4. Let’s join Pastor Bob Today in the Word.   Today in the Word is a Ministry of Calvary Chapel Caldwell where Bob Larson is the teaching pastor. You can hear Today in the Word each weekday at 5:30 PM MST.  Read More →

This radio show is a ministry of Cloverdale United Reformed Church where Russell Herman is the teaching pastor. This show airs daily at 4 pm MST. In today’s sermon, Pastor Russ begins to cover Esther 5. Section Text (ESV) On the third day Esther put on her royal robes and stood in the inner court of the king’s palace, in front of the king’s quarters, while the king was sitting on his royal throne inside the throne room opposite the entrance to the palace. And when the king saw Queen Esther standing in the court, she won favor in his sight, and he held out to EstherRead More →

Episode Summary Is God both terrible and tender or both majestic and meek? Let’s dive into the text with the pastors to discover how God is described in different books of the Bible. About Gospel for Life Four Treasure Valley pastors – all committed to showing that the Gospel is not just for the religious part of your life. Rather, it is for all of life. You never graduate from the Gospel. Josh Bales, Russell Herman, Phil Moran, and Jonathan Van Hoogen host The Gospel For Life every Monday through Friday at 12:15 pm MST. For more information about this group, please visit their websiteRead More →

Summary How big a word would you use to describe God’s heart for us? What word might you find from God’s own mouth that says more than any other as to his passion for what is best for us? Pastor Joel shares with us his idea of what this word is on this series of Bread of Life.   Bread of Life is a ministry of Joel Van Hoogen and the Bread of Life Fellowship in Boise. You can tune in each weekday at 12:00 pm to listen.Read More →