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Living As Intended is For You!

How can you create a filter and an understanding of how to take care of any and every health related issue that may come at you? Dr. Baker breaks down the main areas that you need to look into… Everyone needs 2 things to heal, TIME and NO INTERFERENCE.

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Low Back Pain is Not Just Low Back Pain with PJ Hoeper

Dr. B is talking with youth pastor PJ Hoeper about living a Holy Spirit lead life and low back pain is not just low back pain. What does it mean to have the Spirit in you and running your life? Remember faith without works is dead…

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Lori’s Daughter Was Healed from Crohn’s Disease

This is the time… Not tomorrow or next week, NOW. In this episode Dr. Baker explores what it looks like to be successful and not base it on any possessions or material achievements. We are also going to hear a powerful testimonial about eliminating headaches, neck pain, and even Crohn’s Disease!

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Does 2017 Mean a “New You” or Just a “New Year”?

2017 New you? Or Same Old you just a new year? Ask yourself 3 things… Am I Righteous? Am I Healthy? Am I Happy? Dr Baker is going to show you that the answer to these three questions is what really matters.

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Christ- MAS means more of God. Unfortunately today, in the world we live in Christmas has become about stress, debt, alcohol, arguments, and Pagan traditions like Santa Claus. If the way it is now, continues in your family, THE DEVIL WINS. Think about it, Satan loves Christmas, he hates CHRIST-MAS.

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Praise to Prayer Vol. 2

Dr Baker shows you how you turn your most powerful praise and worship music into the best daily prayer. Dianira had back pain and digestive problems for over 10 years and was beginning to think it was normal. Her husband was facing a neck surgery at the age of 26! Listen to see how they were able to reverse it all.

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