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626 – MORNING – Joel Beeke on Losing Your Zeal

The Reformation 500 Boise Conference is coming up November 3rd – 4th. One of our guests for the conference will be Dr. Joel Beeke. Doug is talking a look at a blog post published by Dr. Beekye about “9 Ways We Can Lose Our Zeal”. Learn more about Dr. Joel Beeke at If haven’t listened to our Reformation Series, […]

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617 – MORNING – Rick DeMichele – Treasure Valley Baptist Church

This morning Doug is talking to Rick DeMichele. For many years, Rick has been the voice you hear at 10:45 AM and 5:15 PM on Treasures of Truth. Treasures of Truth is an outreach of Treasure Valley Baptist Church of which Rick is the teaching Pastor. You can learn more about TVBC at

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615 – MORNING – Dale Bellis – Liberty HealthShare

Dale Bellis is the President and Executive Director at Liberty HealthShare. Liberty HealthShare is a national, non-profit community of Americans who share each other’s medical costs, on a monthly basis, without the help of an insurance company or the government. It’s a systematic method that is safe, transparent and cost effective. To learn more you can go to their website […]

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613 – MORNING – Mike Beaudin and Mike Webb from Ustick Baptist – Missionary Training

This morning in the studio Doug is talking Mike Beaudin and Mike Webb. Mike Beaudin is the Pastor of Discipleship at Ustick Baptist Church and Mike Webb is the Mission Committee chair at Ustick. You can learn more about Ustick Baptist Church at

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