America’s foundations are crumbling as leaders abandon its spiritual roots—but there is hope for this great nation. In There Is Hope for America, Dr. Michael Youssef challenges us to follow the example of Nehemiah, a faithful servant of God who restored Israel through persistent prayer and planning. Like Nehemiah, we can stand in faith and see God move powerfully on behalf of our nation. More →

When temptation comes your way, do you run – or do you stand up for a fight? In this three-part series, Dr. Michael Youssef goes to Scripture for the tools you need to fight Satan’s attacks with authority. You can hear Dr. Michael Youssef each weekday at 6am and 4:30pm on KBXL 94.1 The Voice.   Taking Authority Pt. 3 July 2, 2015 Taking Authority Pt. 2 July 1, 2015 Taking Authority Pt. 1 June 30, 2015 More →