Join Pastor Ken Wilde and Winston Sanders as they take up the issues of our nation and the world by applying biblical solutions and prayer to bring hope in the midst of despair. America’s Living Foundations airs every weekday at 1 PM. Learn more about the National Prayer Center founded by Pastor Ken in Washington D.C. at nationalprayerusa.orgRead More →

This episode of the Growth Junkies focuses on the topic of vulnerability. Vulnerability is one of the most important ingredients to having deep relationships with people – but it does come with risks! But it is a risk worth taking because if all goes well, the rewards will be even greater for the relationship. Check out the Love and Transformation Institute website: Purchase the Four Dimensions of Human Health book: More →

Today on Reach out and Trust, Reverend Christina shares insights from Psalm 62:5-8 and Psalm 46. About Reach Out and Trust Reach Out and Trust is a faith-based 30-minute program brought to you each Sunday morning at 7:30 am and 11:30 am. Reach Out and Trust is a ministry of Whitney United Methodist Church here in Boise. Rev. Christina Thompson is the pastor at Whitney and each week brings her sermon to the radio. Each program is designed to encourage trust in the Lord and seeks to bring everyone who listens to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. vbbRead More →

Episode Summary This week, Dave and Harold welcome back co-authors of the book “Our People: Discovering Lithuania’s Hidden Holocaust”, Efraim Zuroff and Ruta Vanagaite. Dr Zuroff is the chief Nazi hunter of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and director of the center’s Israel Office and Eastern European Affairs. A Holocaust historian, popular lecturer, and author, he lives in Jerusalem. Rūta Vanagaitė, one of Lithuania’s most popular public personalities and the successful author of numerous best sellers, became persona non grata in her homeland after this book was originally published in Lithuania. She now lives in Jerusalem. About the Teacher and The Preacher The Teacher and theRead More →