Family Life Today: Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert

Family Life Today brings to us a very timely interview with Rosario Butterfield. Rosario Butterfield was full-fledged feminist and lesbian and is now a Christian and the wife of a pastor. Tune in this week at 9:30am to hear Rosario Butterfield’s unique and unlikely conversion. Broadcasts will also be posted below.

A Train Wreck Conversion

What Is Truth?

Air Date: 2015-07-29

Rosaria Butterfield believed her personal experience told her the truth about something. But as she studied the Bible, she began to see God’s truth as bigger than her own. Rosaria recalls her first time sitting under the teaching of her friend, pastor Ken Smith, at a Presbyterian church and realizing through John 7:17 that she could pray that she would will to do God’s will. Rosaria talks about the day she surrendered to Christ and what she gained, and gave up, as a result.

A Train Wreck Conversion

What Is Hospitality?

Air Date: 2015-07-28

How might another’s life change if you offered them the gift of hospitality? Former English professor and lesbian, Rosaria Butterfield, defines hospitality as bringing in the stranger, even going out and finding the stranger if you have to. Rosaria tells how her life and worldview began to change when a pastor and his wife befriended her and invited her into their home. As she began to feel loved and accepted, she began to be more open to the truths of God found in the Scriptures.

A Train Wreck Conversion

A Train Wreck Conversion

Air Date: 2015-07-27
Rosaria Butterfield’s life wasn’t typical. An English professor at Syracruse University, Rosaria was a full-fledged feminist and lesbian bent on exposing a sector she believed was out to threaten her freedoms, the religious right. But then a surprising letter came her way that would introduce her to pastor Ken Smith and his wife, Floy. Rosaria talks about her developing friendship with this couple, and what they did to welcome her and reconsider her views about God.

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