Heart of the Athlete

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ exciting local radio program, Heart of the Athlete, airs Saturdays at 9 am and 3:30 pm MST. The show is hosted by local FCA Director, Ken Lewis. This program is a great opportunity to listen to local athletes and coaches share their lives, combining sports with their faith in Jesus Christ each week!

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Episode List

Mark Thornton

Greyson Kilgore

Sean Rooney – FCA Baseball Camp

Scott and Jennifer Ditter – Part 2

Scott and Jennifer Ditter

Ryan Seals

Mahala Bradburn

Joy Holmes

JW Hardy

Chris Goranson

Faith Smith

Jeremy Evans

Ryan Dearing

Kenji Teramura

Claire & Kenzie

Justin Estes and Caden Cramer

Josie Bornstedt & Alyssa Schelin

Jeremy Thompson

Nick Ciaccio

Matt Wolcott

Judd Benedick

Abby & Amy Madsen

Zach Garey

Kylie McClanahan

George Saroyan

J. W. Hardy

Pete De La Rosa

Dave “Doc” Bennett

Darl Bruner

Ryan Seals

Skip Hall

NNU Women’s Cross Country

2020 FCA Bowl Breakfast With Mike Singletary

Cassidy Kotte

Mark Thornton

Chris Mahavong

Jessica Medina

Darren VanHofwegen

Glenda Niehaus

Ryan Johnson

Josh Aldinger

Brad Muri

Ken Becker

Mark Boothby

The Enders

Marshall Webber

Sam Roth

Ben Gall

Adam Pierce

Dave And Tom

Melissa Wallinga

Deb Bradburn

Gary Van Tol – Part 2

Gary Van Tol

Tim Souza

Curtis Johnson

Victor Miller

FCA Camp Speaker Shawna Mulhaylee

Bob Roulis

Paul Williams

Talk Camp With Ryan and Shawn

Jonah and Joseph

Mike Harvey

Emerald Taft

Dr. Greg Wiles

Gregg Simmons

Travis Sapp

Ben Bost – Part 2

Ben Bost

Rich Teramura

Lindsay Grant

Jake Roh Pt. 2

Lori Mers

Mike Briggs

Peyton Brothers

Paul Venosdel

Steve Steele

Josh Mason

Danny Bowman

Doug English

Victor Miller

Tim Brown Speaks at the FCA Bowl Breakfast

Oscar Duncan

Dirk Wageman

Jeff Lavender

Tim Brown

John Hisel

FCA Board Member Kim Bekkedahl

Jason Chatraw

Justin Higgins

Debbie Jaso

Joe Schaffer

Sean Rooney Returns

Sarah Fletcher

Brent Ho

Jill Wilson Pt. 2

Jose and Michelle Alvarez

Jim Wilson

2018 College Football Season

Jill Wilson Pt. 1

Ben Gall

Scott Nichols

FCA Camp 2018 – Dan Russel Pt. 2

FCA Camp 2018 – Dan Russel Pt. 1

FCA Camp 2018 – Ben Courson

FCA Camp 2018 – Helen Maroulis

Myron Finkbeiner

Steve Kilgore

Mitch Wahl

Vonnie Willis

Lidiya Brownfield

Coach Mark Harris

Dr. Rosie Main

Sean Rooney

John Ehrlich

Billy Carroll

Mabinty Kanu

Jonathan Borges

FCA Bowl Breakfast 2017 – AC Green Pt. 2

FCA Bowl Breakfast 2017 – AC Green Pt. 1

Paul Williams

Shawn and J.W. Hardy

Mary Trigg

Frank Wyant

Jake Perry and Isaac Mitchell

Kevin Thienes

Corey Bell

FCA VP – Ron Frank Pt. 2

FCA VP – Ron Frank Pt. 1

Richie Brockel

NNU: Ellie Logan & Coco Gall

NNU: John Spatz

NNU Softball: Rich Wagner

BSU Volleyball – Sierra Nobely

Tom and Mark Miller

Dr. Dave “Doc” Bennett

BSU Wrestling: Riley Orozco

FCA Activities: Get Involved!

Interview with Boise State Bronco Jacob Roh

Tom and Dave: College Football

Testimony of Chris Broussard Pt. 3

Testimony of Chris Broussard Pt. 2

Testimony of Chris Broussard Pt. 1

Boise State Golfer – Jalayne Martinez

Interview with Emily and Charlie

Marisa Saldivar

Tom and T.J. Kick Off with College Football

Coach Dan Reiss

FCA Camp 2017 in Review

FCA Camp 2017: Ben Courson Pt. 2

FCA Camp 2017: Ben Courson Pt. 1

FCA Camp 2017: Reggie Etheridge Pt. 2

FCA Camp 2017: Reggie Etheridge Pt. 1

2017 College Football Season w/ Skip Hall

Baseball with T.J.

Boise High School: Kyle McMarrow

High School Coach: Dave Roberts

Luke Matthews

College of Idaho: Gibson Berryhill

NNU Track & Field: Payton Lewis

Ron Dibelius

Boise State Wrestling: Koby Reyes

Pablo Moreno Returns

Boise State Basketball: Gordy Presnell

Boise State Basketball: Phil Beckner

Track and Field: Jerry Lunsford

Weiser High Basketball: Jason Kerner

Basketball Bracketology: David Schafer

NNU Soccer: Mary Trigg

Boise State Football: Jacob Roh

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