1. Thanks again for taking my call today. I am looking forward to talking with you in the near future.

  2. I just finished watching the third installment of you on Shawn McCraney’s show. I understand why you, as well as other learned true Christians go on his show-to show those who are following him, that some of his teachings are errant. At least you were shown some respect for the most part and not treated as he, his followers and his wife and daughters treat others who they do not agree with. I do give him credit for being one of the Lord’s tools for helping to bring many people out of mormonism. Three years ago, I happened upon his show and became a serious viewer of not only his current show (2012) but many of his past shows on his website. I and my husband even attended his Sunday sermons in person for almost six months but starting in 2013 he began to interpret his own views of the scriptures; we felt he was teaching false doctrine. When he was questioned on three of the particular viewpoints (the Trinity, the Second Coming and eternal damnation) by myself and others over a period of time, he became rude, dismissive and belligerent; I feel he is almost becoming another Joseph Smith, Jr. in many ways. He speaks of “love” of his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ but when they question him or turn away from him, he becomes as a viper. I know you have encountered others like him in your ministry, and can stand your own ground but I felt badly for you as he began to turn on you as he has others. His admonition to his audience to hear you out and not react was directed to his wife, daughters and intimate followers who will verbally attack you within inches of your face; but they only follow his lead. He smirked at you and your responses directly to the camera’s audience, he bullied you toward the end of the show and through his ignorance of what the Lord and the Bible really teaches, he reached out, as all ignorant people do, and twisted your words and tried to show you up to his followers. To me, he only looked like a fool. The only reason I have listened to his show these past three weeks is because you announced your invitation to his show and I wanted to hear how he could refute the Bible; I am not sure I can handle watching another Heart of the Matter show even if you are on next week.
    Matt, I have been listening to your past archives and they have taught me much. I admit I am still a babe in the gospel but I am learning quickly to discern from true teachers and followers of Christ to those who are false teachers and followers. I so wish others would truly listen and discern what Shawn McCraney teaches and run from him as fast as they can.
    Thank you for your show, Matt and keep up the good work. By the way, I am looking for a church here in the Salt Lake Valley, would you recommend the Calvary Chapel? Thank you much.

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