Maximized Living Radio

Maximized Living Radio is a show that airs Wednesday and Friday at 4 pm on our sister station 790 AM Boise’s Solid Talk and 10:30 am on Saturdays here on KBXL 94.1 The Voice.

Dr. Rosie is a partner of Maximized Living and runs Main Health Solutions, a clinic here in Boise. You can visit her website at She shares with us ways to maximize our lives each week.

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Episode List

Your Gut Health

Boost Brain Function

Natural Solutions For Pain

Why Toxins Are Limiting Your Maximum Health

Strategies To Fasting

The Unspoken Solution To DB

Maximizing Your Cancer Killer Potential

Thyroid Interference

A Fasting Lifestyle For Self Healing

Cancer Just Needs Sugar

Keto Diet, Great Results

True Cellular Detox


Thyroid Health

Autoimmune Issues

Myths On Health Practices

Gut Health & Fasting

Regulating Blood Sugar Naturally

The Ketogenic Diet

Obesity is Not Just Food

Are We Trusting God’s Power to Heal?

Helping Diabetes Naturally

The Myths to Metabolism

The Guide to Juicing

Gut Healing – Interview with Pedro

Adrenal Fatigue

My Pain Became My Purpose

Prescription Slip Permission Slip

Autoimmune Issues

Can Medicine Ever Prevent Disease?

Healing Fat & Killing Fat

The Ketogenic Diet

Beating Depression Naturally

Detox Your Life

Avoiding Nutritional Myth

Strategies to Fasting

Gut Health & Fasting

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