The Power of Words

The Power of Words airs weekly on Saturday mornings at 8:30 am. Join hosts Rocky and Cheryl in their mission of changing people and businesses with positivity. As an author, speaker, and consultant, Rocky Detwiler along with Cheryl, his wife, helps people around the globe to create a positive place for themselves to become happy, healthy, and hopeful.

You can learn more about this inspirational couple’s story and journey on Rocky’s website.

Episode List

012 – Today’s Word: Dedicated

011 – Today’s Word: Grace

010 – Today’s Word: Hero

09 – Today’s Word: Empathy

08 – Today’s Word: Unique

07 – Today’s Word: Perspective

06 – Today’s Word: Attitude

05 – Today’s Word: Charity

04 – Today’s Word: Grateful

03 – Today’s Word: Commitment

02 – Today’s Word: Forgiveness

01 – The Most Positive Show on Radio