Word Alive (Живое Слово)

Word Alive

Word Alive (Живое Слово) is a ministry of Word of Life Fellowship in Meridian, ID.

The show airs at 6:00pm MST on Saturdays.

Word of Life Fellowship seeks to reach the Russian-speaking population in the Treasure Valley for Jesus Christ.

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Episode List

Prayer Obstacles

Control Your Gate

Stop and Ask

Save yourself first

Interview with Soslan Karaev

Forgiveness Pt.2

Forgiveness Pt.1

Bitterness Pt.3

Bitterness Pt.2

Bitterness Pt.1

Unpardonable Sin

Get Rewarded Pt.2

Get Rewarded Pt.1

Foundation on the Rock Pt.2

Foundation on the Rock Pt.1

Perfect Church

Personal Battle

The Last Day

Treasure Chest

Don’t Run from God

Walking in Spirit

Lazy Servant Pt.2

Lazy Servant Pt.1

Upset Brother Pt.2

Upset Brother Pt.1

Christ is Risen!

Beam in the eye

Are you coming to the Wedding

Power of Repentance

Why we experience Furnace

Temptations of the Saints

Satisfied Father

Year in Perspective

Hanukkah and Christmas

Don’t Judge By Feelings

Misusing God’s Grace

Testing of Faith in the Real World

Conditional Salvation

Successful Christianity

Work Out Your Salvation?

Biblical Conscience?

Dealing with Trials

How to Fix Luke Warm

Wicked Days

Why Christians Don’t Pray

Overcome Temptations

Spiritual Growth

No Doubts

Calvinism Pt. 6 Q&A

Calvinism Pt. 5

Calvinism Pt. 4

Calvinism Pt. 3

Calvinism Pt. 2

Calvinism Pt.1

Spiritual Growth


Christianity Today

Fathers Pt. 2

Fathers Pt.1

Interview with Yaroslav Malko

What is Salvation? Pt. 2

What is Salvation? Pt. 1

Introducing Word Alive