You Are Not Done

Are you doing okay with your Christmas festivites? Do have a Tree? Are you getting a tree? Do you have your lights up? Are you putting your lights up? What about the Santa debate? Do you want Santa do be apart of Christmas? How much money should you spend on presents this year? What presents are you getting this year? There are a lot of pressures during the Christmas season. Today, Doug talks about how the stress we have during the Christmas season may be a barometer of how we are living the rest of the year. If we are giving all year long andRead More →

By Steve Brown Christians are divided over just about everything. Yet we should stand with our friends…regardless. It’s an important truism: Convictions, by their very nature, cause division. The only people who fight are people who believe that there is something to fight about. Therefore those of us who are convinced as conservative evangelicals, as Calvinists, as Armenians, as Dispensationalists, etc. must be very careful that the hills we die on are the same hills God would have us die on. There is a difference between a hill God would have us die on and a hill God would, as it were, want us haveRead More →

It’s challenging enough trying to blend two families in a remarriage, but blending family Christmas traditions takes the “blender” to a higher speed. Bob and Vicki Maday and their respective daughters, Katie and Jonell, talk frankly about the uncomfortable and inevitable tension that exists in the early years of a new blended family.Read More →

Focus on the Family

Author Liz Curtis Higgs helps listeners reflect on Christmas by looking at it through the eyes of three women in the New Testament, offering a fresh perspective on how Jesus’ coming to earth impacted those around him, and can impact your family this Christmas, too. Listen online, or purchase the download.Read More →