Христианин в своей жизни переживает периоды “горнила” или печи, как будто Бог оставил на произвол судьбы, но это не так. Так-же чтение “Потоки в Степи” и пение Головинского и группы “Спасение” Why are we experiencing fiery trials in a furnace? Also included in the program is Streams in the Desert read by Lyubov Korotkih and music by Spasenie and Golosinskiy.Read More →

Doug shares the story of Bill Lenz, a pastor in Wisconsin who took his life over the weekend. Depression, anxiety and panic touches all our lives in some way. It’s important to remember that our only hope is in Christ. How can we help others, and can we receive the help we need when we need it. Read More →

Living as Intended

Living As Intended is a ministry designed to enrich lives by helping people to obtain true health and happiness. We reach those who are seeking more out of life and/or have a symptom, diagnosis, or disease. You can join Dr. Steven Baker each Saturday at 3 PM MT and learn how you can live the way God intended.Read More →