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Posted by Ravi Zacharias on September 18, 2015 Do you ever wonder whether the people who lived before Christ, or those in remote areas, will go to heaven? What about those who haven’t heard the Gospel? Or those who lead good and decent lives, but never claimed to be Christians? Alister McGrath joins Ravi Zacharias to answer these questions on today’s Just Thinking.Read More →

These are two programs from Just Thinking which airs at 4:15am and 1:30pm each weekday. These are two episodes that include Ravi and friend Alistair McGrath participating in a Q&A at Oxford University Oxford Q&A Part 1 of 2 You may have heard people talk about the emerging church, but what is their doctrine? This is just one of the questions Alistair McGrath and Ravi Zacharias answer on today’s Just Thinking. http://media.rzim.org/JT/JT20150807.mp3 Oxford Q&A Part 2 of 2 How do you respond to someone who says if you believe the Bible says homosexuality is wrong you must accept other things in the Bible, such asRead More →