Беседа на тему “Насыщенная Жизнь”. Иисус Христос предлагает иметь жизнь с избытком. Так-же чтение “Потоки в Степи” и пение групп “Утренняя Звезда” и “Обновление”. True Christian life is fulfilling, when we serve Jesus Christ. Also included in the program Streams in the Desert read by Lyubov Korotkih and music by Morning Star and Obnovlenie.Read More →

Read: Romans 12:14-21 | Bible in a Year: Jeremiah 51–52; Hebrews 9 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Romans 12:18 When we first moved into our present home, I enjoyed the beauty of the geese that nest nearby. I admired the way they cared for each other and the way they moved in straight lines in the water and in majestic V-formations in the air. It was also a joy to watch them raise their young. Then summer came, and I discovered some less beautiful truths about my feathered friends. You see, geese love toRead More →