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KBXL 94.1 FM Monday-Friday

12:00  AM

  Kurt Goff Live  

2:00   AM

  Insight for Living (Swindoll)  

2:30   AM

  Love Worth Finding (Rodgers)  

3:00   AM

  Turning Point (Jeremiah)  

3:30   AM

  Treasures of Truth (DeMichele)  

3:45   AM

  Words of Life (Maile)  

4:00   AM

  Heritage Bible Radio (Harris)  

4:15   AM

  Just Thinking (Zacharias)  

4:30   AM

  Family Life Today (Rainey)  

5:00   AM

  Truth for Life (Begg)  

5:30   AM

  Insight for Living (Swindoll)  

6:00   AM

  Grace to You (MacArthur)  

6:30   AM

  Thru the Bible (McGee)  

7:00   AM

  Turning Point (Jeremiah)  

7:30   AM

  Focus on the Family (Daly)  

8:00   AM

  Discover the Word (DeHann)  

8:15   AM

  Key Life (Brown)  

8:30   AM

  Heritage Bible Radio (Harris)  

8:45   AM

  Life Point (Dougherty)  

9:00   AM

  Destined for Victory (Sheppard)  

9:30   AM

  Family Life Today (Rainey)  

10:00  AM

  Jay Sekulow Live (Sekulow)  

10:30  AM

  Abide in Truth (Hughes)  

10:45  AM

  Treasures of Truth (DeMichele)  

11:00  AM

  New Life Live (Arterburn)  

12:00  PM

  The Bread of Life (VanHoogen)  

12:15  PM

  Words of Life (Maile)  

12:30  PM

  Real Radio (Hibbs)  

1:00   PM

  Truth for Life (Begg)  

1:30   PM

  Just Thinking (Zacharias)  

1:45   PM

  Extra (Hardy)  

2:15   PM

  Running To Win (Lutzer)  

2:30   PM

  Look Up (Sasso)  

3:00   PM

  The Narrow Path (Gregg)  

4:00   PM

  The Gospel Changes Everything (Bales)  

4:15   PM

  Simply the Bible (Zachman)

4:30   PM

  Leading the Way (Youssef)  

5:00   PM

  Words of Life (Maile)  

5:15   PM

  Treasures of Truth (DeMichele)  

5:30   PM

   Today in the Word (Larson)  

5:45   PM

  Abide in Truth (Hughes)  

6:00   PM

  Family Talk (Dobson)  

6:30   PM

  Focus on the Family (Daly)  

7:00   PM

  Adventures in Odyssey  

7:30   PM

  Insight for Living (Swindoll)  

8:00   PM

  Rely on Scripture (Schmitz)  

9:00   PM

  Thru the Bible (McGee)  

9:30   PM

  Truth for Life (Begg)  

10:00  PM

  Hope in the Night (Hunt)

11:00  PM

Kurt Goff Live (Goff)


  • Did you recently change your Sunday morning schedule? I really liked The Christian Hour that came on at 8:30 AM. The different pastors they used each month were all excellent to listen to. I tried to find your Sunday schedule and couldn’t locate it.

    • Hey Debbie thanks for your interest in our programming. We actually did just this last week replace The Christian’s Hour with Truth for Life Weekend. We no longer air The Christian’s Hour but you can find them on oneplace.com or with the following link – http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/the-christians-hour/ If you have any more questions please free to ask.

      Thank You Debbie and may the Lord Bless You.

  • Could you have Doug play some Mustard Seed faith next week on his show?

    • Terry, thanks so much for the recommendation! We will let Doug know and see if he can find some audio of Mustard Seed Faith. Is there a Particular song that you Like?

    • Hey Doug how about some Glad or Imperiale or Claudia Schmidt. Lots of old Christian bands out there besides the ones you are playing repeatedly. Oh and 2nd chapter of Acts. Thank you and God bless.

  • Anastacia Calamaco

    I love listening to your programes. It has giving me strength to stay focuse in God. I pray you always have words to keep feeding our thirsty souls, may God Bless you all.

    • Thanks so much Anastacia! And as long as we have listeners we will have great programming to keep bringing to you! God Bless you as well!

  • Glenn thank you for listening and sorry for the issue! I gave an extended explanation below. If you want to still catch today’s show you can check it out at http://www.941thevoice.com/revelation-1-10-17/

    Sorry again but we are working to fix the issue and reduce the problems we have been having with this hour! Thank you again for listening!

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