05 – The Origin of Life

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Mike Riddle is in and talking about the Origin of Life. There are 3 Areas of Evolution: cosmological, chemical, and biological (Darwinian Evolution). However, without the origin of life or that first living cell Darwinian Evolution has no foundation. In other words, the origin of life is a critical component to all of Evolutionism. If we can’t get that first cell through naturalistic processes then Evolution is a dead story. Today Mike is talking about these various ideas of evolution and what our children are being taught in public schools.

Upcoming Events:

Carl Kerby on Biblical Creation / October 20, 7:00PM

Carl Kerby who has worked with Answers in Genesis will be talking about Biblical Creation. This event will be held at Heritage Bible Church in Boise. Cost: Free!

The Basic Creation Training Class / November 5, 8:30AM-5:30PM

You will learn about the Biblical account of creation, apologetics, defending your faith, the genesis flood and how to refute the four pillars of Evolutionism. It will be Held at Grace Bible Church in Meridian, ID. Cost: $35/adults and $20/teens and this price includes a lunch.

The Christian Educators Conference / November 12, 8:30AM-5:15PM

This is for anyone who is involved in Christian education – pastors, youth pastors, christian school teachers and students majoring in christian education. It will be held at Boise Bible College. Cost: $25 – go to the website

Learn more about CTI and Mike Riddel at creationtraining.org