Are You a 1% Christian…. Why Not!?

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Why not be in the 1% Are you settling?
It’s crazy how we let life take control of us, instead of taking control of life… God wants bigger, better, and more powerful things for you!

Gardasil doesn’t guard anything, IT KILLS KIDS.
You need to know this! Listen to all the crazy stories about how many children have been permanently damaged by this vaccine. What can you do to help your child?

Headaches are for the 99%…
Are you still putting up with them? If you know what causes them and you can remove the cause, why would you continue to just cover them up? Dr. Baker is going to show you what CAUSES headaches… Check it out!

Are you a 99% Christian?
Would Jesus be happy that he went to the cross for you, or would he look at you like you are wasting your time here on earth? Is he going to spit you out because you are looking warm?