10 Social Muscles with Jon Strain: #4 Questions
Game Plan For Life

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Skip is in with Jon Strain talking about Social Muscle #4 – Questions. Ask great questions. Jon calls it People Wondering. Are you wondering about the people around you or that you meet? Do you ask questions of the ones you see each and everyday? Have you wondered why you really don’t seem to know even the closest people around you? People loved to be explored. Skip and Jon are diving in to this topic telling us why this social muscle is so important.

Skip and Jon are in a series called “Exercising 10 Social Muscles”. Number 1 was “Noticing People”, number 2 is “Rapport”, number 3 is “Listening” and number 4 is “Questions”. Skip and Jon are sharing these social muscles in order to help you in your business and even be a better witness for Christ.