213 – Are You Just Doing Jesus-y Things?
Live Morning Drive with Doug Hardy

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“Just putting Jesus’ name onto an activity does not mean that it is pleasing to Him, and that is scary.”

The theme for today’s show is a tough one, in that the truth of the matter is that as Christians, we can be doing all sorts of things in the name of Jesus, but that does not mean that those activities will please the Lord. “It’s apparently possible to do a whole lot of stuff in Jesus’ name that has no connection to Jesus whatsoever. It’s possible to be good without knowing God, and many of us have a hard time trying to get that understood or figured out.”

Listen in to this morning’s show to get direction on how to do the things that Jesus actually wants you to.

You can listen to Doug live every weekday morning at 8:15 on 94.1 The Voice.

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