3 Things You Need to Know About the Bible – Matthew 5:17-19 – Bruce

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Throughout history some books have been so hated that government would have them burned. Several periods have recorded the burning of the Bible in different parts of the world. But during the period of the Reformation(roughly 1500-1650AD), it was the church itself that burned Bibles!

Not only did they burn Bibles, but they executed those who translated it into various languages and anyone caught reading the Bible.

Today, the Bible is not being burned in American, but it is intact being attacked, and many have endeavored to discredit it. Even “so-called” Christians and Christian churches are treating it as a ‘man made’ invention – saying it has been ‘doctored’ over the years to convey what the church wanted to say, so as to have more power over people’s lives and beliefs.

This Sunday we will address the issue of the Bible and its reliability. Is it the word of man or the Word of God?

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