463 – Sokreaksa Himm – Forgiveness
Live Morning Drive with Doug Hardy

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Doug’s guest today has an amazing story of incredible pain and how God intervened in his life. In 1977 at the age of 14, Sokreaksa “Reaksa” Himm saw 13 members of his family murdered by Khmer Rouge soldiers in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. Miraculously surviving the massacre, Reaksa swore revenge against the men responsible for the loss of his family. Years later, after surviving the horrors of refugee camps and roving death squads, Reaksa had a life-changing conversion to Christianity that gave him a whole new reason to seek the murderers: to forgive them.Reaksa is currently a missionary in Cambodia, where he builds schools and churches, and trains leaders. He has authored two books on the tragedy and his journey to forgiveness: The Tears of My Soul and After the Heavy Rain.

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