Are You a Difference Maker?

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Are You a Difference Maker?
When you die, on your tombstone there will be the date you were born and the date you died, there is a dash in between… What does your dash mean? What have you done? What are you going to do in your life to empower more people?

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“Kids are Humans Too”
If you want your kids to be healthy, why are you not doing for them what you do for yourself? If you get adjusted, why are your kids not getting adjusted? If you don’t get vaccines, why are you getting your kids vaccinated?

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“Its Not Just Back Pain!”
Did you know that there is a connection between back pain and uterine or prostate cancer? Did you know that there is a connection between low back pain and digestive problems? Dr. Baker is going to show you how they are connected and help you FIX the issue.

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Low Energy, Is That YOU?
If you have low energy, its not a lack of coffee, lack of sleep, or a lack of thyroid hormone. Its a problem with your thyroid or your adrenal glands. In this piece Dr. Baker is going to talk to you about how to get rid of the THYROID PROBLEMS and boost your energy levels.


Difference Maker — NEEDTOBREATHE

Well Done — Moriah Peters

On My Way to You — Mercy Me

Believer — Audio Adrenaline

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