Are you Focused?
Overcoming Buffaloes

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Today Vincent is talking about a lesson he learned while he was young – Focus. Are you focused?

Vincent recalls a story about yoking steers when plowing the field. When you plow a field with yoked animals you have to apply constant pressure in order to maintain a straight line in your field. When the steers were turned away from their home it was much harder to maintain a straight line. The hardness of the soil was the same either direction but the direction of the steers mattered.

Our spiritual walk as Christians toward our heavenly home can be compared to the steers plowing towards their home. As long as we keep our eyes fixed on our eternal home, we can overcome life’s crooked paths!

Trials and devastating experiences happen to both Christians and Non-Christians. Divorce is rampant. We suffer rejection. Broken or unfulfilled dreams can leave us disappointed and unwilling can try again. However, the responses to those trials can differ greatly.


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Vincent is also the President of Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope that helps orphans, children of widows and those from poverty-stricken families by providing housing and education. There are hundreds of families and children with hope for a better tomorrow that they never had, because of the support they have received from Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope.

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