Building a Stronger Family 1

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Guest: Dr. Gary Smalley

Is it really possible that building a strong family is simple? On this classic edition of Family Talk, Dr. James Dobson pays tribute to the late Dr. Gary Smalley by airing one of his most popular broadcasts. Dr. Gary Smalley explains how creating a family constitution can strengthen your family.

Guest Bio: Dr. Gary Smalley was one of the country’s best-known authors and speakers on family relationships. He wrote multiple best-selling books, as well as several popular films and videos. The Blessing and The Two Sides of Lovehave won Gold Medallions. He received two honorary doctorates, one from Biola University and one from Southwest Baptist University for his work with couples. Throughout his lifetime, he has appeared on many national television shows, including Oprah,and Larry King Live. Gary went to be with the Lord March 6, 2016 and is survived by his wife Norm, and their three children.