How do we engage with the culture around us? Author Russell Moore describes what he sees happening in the culture and explains what moms and dads can do to address it. Russell advises engaging the culture with kindness and love, remembering that the same people who disagree with us now may one day be our brothers and sisters in Christ.Read More →

What kind of world will our children face? Author Russell Moore explains that we live in a culture that is largely in opposition to Christian community. Now it’s likely you’ll be unpopular, marginalized, and ostracized for your counter-cultural views. Russell encourages parents to teach their children who they are in Christ and what believers do, even though it means being seen as different.Read More →

How are you being salt and light to the culture? Christian author and blogger Russell Moore, along with Pastor Larry Osborne, talk about the downside of cultural Christianity. Afraid of being seen as abnormal in the culture, many of us heed the cultural norms rather than following Christ. Larry and Russell remind parents that little eyes are watching, and how parents live out their faith is likely how their children will live it out too.Read More →

Are you scared by what you see in the culture? Pastor Larry Osborne urges believers to leave fear behind and to bear the name of Jesus in a favorable way for the neighbors, coworkers, and unbelievers around them. Larry reminds us that Christ engaged the world, and so must we if we are to impact our culture for good.Read More →

As believers, what is our role in the culture? Larry Osborne, senior pastor at North Coast Church in Vista, California, calls believers to leave behind our “scaredy cat” Christianity and remember who the Bible says we really are-pilgrims in a foreign land. He reminds us that we can remain faithful and victorious in a godless culture, just like Daniel did in Babylon. Larry shares the best way to influence those who don’t share our faith.Read More →