Last week on Wednesday, August 12, we were out at the Worship for Life Tent where the future Stanton Healthcare will be located in Meridian. We were live out there for Extra with Doug Hardy and Look Up with Linda Sasso. We had some great programming come out of our discussions and we wanted share that with you again. Brandi Swindell and Pat Mahoney were out there to share what Stanton Healthcare is about and to shed some light on Planned Parenthood. We had a few Stanton moms who shared their testimonies of Stanton’s impact in their life. Listen in and hear the tremendous life-giving impactRead More →

Attention all friends of life. You are invited to join Stanton Healthcare for a 5 day Worship and Prayer tent event on our Meridian Property, right next to PLANNED PARENTHOOD. You can join Them as they “lay hold of the ground” and gather in worship, praise, and intercession seeking God’s blessing for this powerful ministry for LIFE! We stand on Psalm 127:1 which states, “Except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it.” We know it is only through God’s loving hand and presence that we can protect both mother and child. Please invite as many people as possible. God is moving and doingRead More →

Brandi Swindell is the President of Stanton Healthcare here in the Treasure Valley. Stanton Healthcare is Pro-Life Facility for pregnant women who may be seeking an abortion. They have recently purchased land right next to Planned Parenthood and be sure to tune in to learn more about it and what you can do to help. Brandi Swindell from Stanton Healthcare Pt. 2 July 15, 2015 Doug continues with Brandi Swindell on Stanton Healthcare that provides Pro-Life Health Services for pregnant women. In today’s episode Doug shares a video of a Planned Parenthood doctor who talks about selling aborted baby body parts. To view the VideoRead More →