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Christ- MAS means more of God.

Unfortunately today, in the world we live in Christmas has become about stress, debt, alcohol, arguments, and Pagan traditions like Santa Claus. If the way it is now, continues in your family, THE DEVIL WINS. Think about it, Satan loves Christmas, he hates CHRIST-MAS.

Do you have a Gift of The Spirit?

What is the gift of The spirit? What are the fruits of The Spirit? How can you take this understanding and use it to have more peace, joy, and love in your life?

“Im sorry I haven’t done more for you and your family.”

We live in a world where sick and sad has become normal… It may be common but its not normal!!! Medication for the rest of your life is not the answer… Dr. Baker apologizes for not doing a better job reaching your family.

Subluxation is BLACK or WHITE!

If you have pressure on a nerve in your spine, there is NO Question, you have disease building in your body. Health really is SIMPLE. You can continue to make it more difficult and believe that you are built to be broken OR you can listen to what DrB has to say in this segment and take action. Your call…



Here As In Heaven — Elevation Worship

First — Lauren Daigle

Better is One Day — Kutless

Open Up Our Eyes — Elevation Worship

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