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Look Up
Dealing With Abuse in the Home

Episode Summary

Continuing in Ephesians 5, Mike and Linda discuss new aspects of working on a marriage. One way a couple can work on their marriage is to serve. “We are saved to serve.” So much can be learned about one’s self and relationships by serving the Lord in whatever ways He calls one to serve. Christianity is not a religion of being alone; God has called all Christians to some form of community or another.

Additionally, they also take a caller who asks about abuse in the home.


Look Up is expanding! Beginning in September, Look Up will be increasing broadcast from a 30-minute program to a 60-minute program. The show will still be a live call-in show but will have a slightly different format due to the increased amount of time. Mike and Linda are looking to compile a list of listener questions to answer when the show expands. If you have any ideas for new topics or any questions about marriage, relationships, or life in general, contact the radio station or the Sassos. They are eager to hear from you! 

You can email them your suggestions and questions at:



You can also call the radio station at (208) 377-3790 or email info@myfamilyradio.com and we will pass along your message to the Sassos. You can also text the Calvary Chapel Eagle phone at (208) 891-2635.

Connect with the Sassos 

Join Mike and Linda live on the air 2:30 – 3 PM MST Tuesday through Friday.

You can call in at (208) 377-3790 or text (208) 891-2635.

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