Does 2017 Mean a “New You” or Just a “New Year”?

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Cold and Flu, what do YOU do?
What is the best way to heal quickly from the cold or flu? Does taking cold medicine slow down your healing? If you make yourself feel better is it actually making you worse?

Spiritual Warfare
Have you heard about it? How much do you understand about the world that you can’t see? If you believe in the Holy Spirit, you have to believe in the spirits that are from Satan. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, maybe it changes EVERYTHING.

2017 New you? Or Same Old you just a new year?
Ask yourself 3 things… Am I Righteous? Am I Healthy? Am I Happy? Dr Baker is going to show you that the answer to these three questions is what really matters.

The story of someone who lives an ADIO Life
What is ADIO and why does no one live that way? Its because they don’t understand it. Dr. Baker is going to teach you what ADIO stands for and how it applies to everything.


Touch The Sky — Hillsong United

Priceless — For King and Country

Made New — Lincoln Brewster