Matthew 18:3

“And Jesus said, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.’”

There is on record, an eyewitness account of an event that took place with a man who had been blind from birth. The scenario, to some degree, could have been something like what we all have experienced. Present was a man, obviously impaired by the fact that he could not see – he was totally blind. For those who can see, there is a temptation to immediately help. We think of opening a door or adjusting a chair for the poor man. There is sense of uncomfortableness, because we feel a bit helpless to remedy the man’s situation. While the man sat alongside the road, a crowd approached. There was a clamor of voices and the sound of requests being offered up. There were shouts that we would judge to be normal when dealing with a mass of people and a tolerated confusion that goes with it. Suddenly, there was a pause in the flow of it all. It is recorded that when Jesus Christ saw the blind man, without introduction and without warning He scooped up some dirt, spat in His hand and made a muddy paste. He then put the organic balm upon the man’s eyes and told him to go wash it off and as he did the man’s sight appeared. Strange, you say? I agree, but that is not my focus. My focus is also on what became of this man after he was able to see…in a word, “how”? How did he see life from that time forward? When he returned home that day with the big surprise, did his wife’s face match her voice? Did the sound of his children translate to the look upon their faces?

New found sight must be very exciting. We know that little kids say the funniest things and describe things in the most colorful way but why do they do that? They do that because of the wonder they see in everything. Children see the awe in the face of a snail. They are completely overboard with the sighting of a butterfly or an elephant that is found in a passing cloud.

This same Jesus said that unless we are converted and become like a child we will have no chance of getting into heaven. When we become true children of God we experience new found sight. We see things differently and the wonder of life returns to us. Life is now worth living. Colors are more colorful and God becomes our father and friend.

Have you lost the wonder? Is life barely bearable? The Lord Jesus Christ wants to heal you of your cynical, sad, boring life and give you new sight. Look to Him today and receive your sight.

Pastor Jack