Giving Releases the Power of God

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Giving Releases The Power Of God
Dr Baker is helping a family who is in need this holiday season and he wants to know if you will join the effort. It really is simple but the effect is profound.

Where You Pray Matters
Dr. Baker is going to show you 5 key scriptures where Jesus himself prays and prepares for something amazing. There is one key connection between all 5 of these that you need to see!

The Spray That Makes You SICK!
Air fresheners can actually make you sick, reduce lung function, create headaches, cause neurological problems, and even cause cancer. Which ones do you think are the worst?

Vacation… Ill tell you about mine, whats wrong with yours?
Dr. Baker just got back from Puerto Rico and he has was “sick” for 3 days of the vacation. He has a new found understanding for a certain symptom. He also shares a revelation about how to create a vacation without ever leaving town.

“12 Days of Christmas”
The things that these people are buying in this song are ridiculous! How about 12 things you can do to make the holiday and NEW YEAR better? Apply 1/2 of these and your life will be better.


I will Follow — Chris Tomlin

Empty me — Jeremy Camp

Where I belong — Building 429

Made New — Lincoln Brewster

Sound of the Saints — Audio Adrenaline

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