Is Your God Too Small? – Bruce Young

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Scripture: Romans 11:33-36

Summary: What if I suggested that your God is too small? Actually, however big you imagine Him to be, the image in your mind is still not sufficient to embody all of His attributes. We simply cannot grasp how high and wide and deep his love really is. And, this is our problem.

If we saw Him for who He really is, and we believed that He loved us beyond measure, would we ever doubt Him? No. Would we ever be fearful? No. Would we ever worry about the future? No. Our goal is simple – to walk away form today with a bigger view of God. If successful, we will live more victoriously and more expectantly than ever before.

Grace and Truth is a program put together by Pastor Bruce Young and the team at First Baptist Church in Boise. You can listen to Grace and Truth each Sunday morning at 8:30 AM MST.