Last week on Wednesday, August 12, we were out at the Worship for Life Tent where the future Stanton Healthcare will be located in Meridian. We were live out there for Extra with Doug Hardy and Look Up with Linda Sasso. We had some great programming come out of our discussions and we wanted share that with you again.

Brandi Swindell and Pat Mahoney were out there to share what Stanton Healthcare is about and to shed some light on Planned Parenthood. We had a few Stanton moms who shared their testimonies of Stanton’s impact in their life. Listen in and hear the tremendous life-giving impact Stanton Healthcare is making in our community.

Extra with Doug Hardy

Brandi Swnidell, Pat Mahoney, and Stanton Mom Amanda

Look Up with Linda Sasso

Brandi Swindell, Pat Mahoney, and Stanton Moms Kelly and Brittany


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