Living As Intended is For You!

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Living As Intended is FOR YOU!
How can you create a filter and an understanding of how to take care of any and every health related issue that may come at you? Dr. Baker breaks down the main areas that you need to look into… Everyone needs 2 things to heal, TIME and NO INTERFERENCE.

The Craziest stuff can get better!
Story about a patient that was on 18 drugs, had 2 neck surgeries, and had pain in her entire body… What did she do and how does that relate to you and any symptom you may have?

John’s Depression was literally killing him!
John had severe depression… He tried medication, it didn’t fix it… He tried exercise but it didn’t get better. He took “the right supplements” but it was still there. He tried to get off the drugs and that was HORRIBLE! What is the missing link? How was John able to get off of his depression drugs and no longer battle with depression?

What is the ONE connection?
There is one connection between irregular menstruation, prostate problems, digestive issues, and erectile disfunction? David had diarrhea for 7years until he learned and applied the principle. How many chiropractic adjustments do you think he needed before the diarrhea was gone???


Casting Crowns — Until the Whole World Hears

I Will Worship — Mercy Me

Chain Breaker — Zach Williams

Soul on Fire — Third Day

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