Low Back Pain is Not Just Low Back Pain with PJ Hoeper

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A Holy Spirit Lead Life and Low Back Pain is Not Just Low Back Pain
What does it mean to have the Spirit in you and running your life? Remember faith without works is dead…

Strength Team
PJ’s story about being on the “Power Team” and helping thousands of people get saved by ripping phone books in half, breaking bats, bending horseshoes in half, and giving all the Glory to God.

Breaking ties with your flesh!
How do you get closer to God by getting farther from the world? Do you know what “your thing” is? We are going to show you how to cut that one thing and have a way better walk with God.

Headaches are NOT NORMAL!!!
You are not supposed to have headaches! If you have even 1 headache a week, that is 52 headaches a year! Learn how to eliminate them, NOW!


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