Game Plan For Life
Game Plan For Life
MassMutual Idaho - Paul Hales and Tracey Stone

Today on Game Plan For Life Skip Hall is talking to Paul Hales and Tracey Stone from MassMutual Idaho.

MassMutual is a Fortune 500 Life Insurance Company that works to help you achieve financial freedom by designing strategies that utilize life insurance, long-term care insurance, mutual funds, financial planning and financial management.

Paul is the President at MassMutual Idaho and joined MassMutual in January 2011. He has worked to build a practice focused on insurance, retirement and estate planning, with an emphasis on tax-planning strategies and investments.

Tracey Stone is the Recruiting & Marketing Director for MassMutual Idaho in Boise. Tracey identifies top talent in the state to join the MassMutual Idaho team and leads their recruiting and marketing efforts for the agency. She has an extensive background in recruitment, public relations, and event planning.

Listen in, here and learn how MassMutual can help you become financially free and even help you become part of the Team!