Praise to Prayer Vol. 2

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Praise to Prayer Vol 2.

Dr Baker shows you how you turn your most powerful praise and worship music into the best daily prayer.
Testimony from Dianira
This woman had back pain and digestive problems for over 10 years and was begining to think it was normal. Her husband was facing a neck surgery at the age of 26! Listen to see how they were able to reverse it all.
 Action is the difference
Dr Baker gives you the step by step plan to get rid of symptoms and start living a different story. Have you had your nervous system checked?
The Unbeliever
Dr Baker sheds light on a new way to convey the gospel to someone who says they don’t believe in God. If you have trouble sharing the power of Jesus with your friends and family, you gotta hear this!
Jeremy Camp — Empty Me
MercyMe — Here am I
Jordan Feliz — TheRiver
Audio Adrenaline — Sound of the Saints
 Hillsong — Oceans

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