Look Up to Jesus

Look Up to Jesus


“Look Up” is a 55-minute program that airs at 2:30pm each weekday, with LIVE shows broadcasting Tuesday-Friday.

Mike Sasso, pastor of Calvary Chapel Eagle, and his wife Linda, seek to answer your questions by looking to Jesus and His Word for the answer.

If you have a question for Mike and Linda you can call them during the show at (208) 377-3790.

Check them out at lookuptojesus.org or on Facebook.

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Episode List

The Words of Jesus – Part 16

The Words of Jesus – Part 15

The Words of Jesus – Part 14

The Words of Jesus – Part 13

The Words Of Jesus – Part 13

The Words Of Jesus – Part 12

The Words Of Jesus – Part 11

The Words Of Jesus – Part 10

The Words Of Jesus – Part 9

The Words Of Jesus – Part 8

The Words Of Jesus – Part 7

The Words Of Jesus – Part 6

The Words Of Jesus – Part 5

The Words Of Jesus – Part 4

The Words Of Jesus – Part 3

The Words Of Jesus – Part 2

Rising Free Movie

The Words Of Jesus

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 18

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 17

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 16

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 15

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 14

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 13

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 12

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 11

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 10

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 9

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 8

Catholicism – feat. Matt Slick – Part 2

Catholicism – feat. Matt Slick

Universalism – feat. Matt Slick

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 7

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 6

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 5

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 4

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 3

The Sermon On The Mount – Part 2

The Sermon On The Mount

The Armor Of God – Part 6

The Armor Of God – Part 5

The Armor Of God – Part 5

The Armor Of God – Part 4

The Armor Of God – Part 3

The Armor Of God – Part 2

The Armor Of God

Philemon – Part 3

Philemon – Part 2


Titus – Part 14

Titus – Part 13

Titus – Part 12

Titus – Part 11

Titus – Part 10

Titus – Part 9

Titus – Part 8

Titus – Part 7

Titus – Part 6

Titus – Part 5

Titus – Part 4

Titus – Part 3

Titus – Part 2


Experiencing The Presence Of God

7 Ways To Avoid An Affair – Part 7

7 Ways To Avoid An Affair – Part 6

7 Ways To Avoid An Affair – Part 5

7 Ways To Avoid An Affair – Part 4

7 Ways To Avoid An Affair – Part 3

7 Ways To Avoid An Affair – Part 2

7 Ways To Avoid An Affair – Part 1

12 Spiritual Disciplines – Part 14

12 Spiritual Disciplines – Part 13

12 Spiritual Disciplines – Part 12

12 Spiritual Disciplines, Part 11

12 Spiritual Disciplines, Part 10

Susie Spoolstra-Kelly’s Testimony

12 Spiritual Disciplines, Part 9

12 Spiritual Disciplines, Part 8

12 Spiritual Disciplines, Part 7

12 Spiritual Disciplines, Part 6

12 Spiritual Disciplines, Part 5

12 Spiritual Disciplines, Part 4

12 Spiritual Disciplines, Part 3

12 Spiritual Disciplines, Part 2

12 Spiritual Disciplines

What We See At The Cross

The Seven Last Sayings Of Christ, Part 2

The Seven Last Sayings Of Christ

What Palm Sunday Was All About

Walk Worthy Pt. 8

Eradicating Your Bitterness

What is a Futile, Corrupt Mind?

Walk Worthy Pt. 7

Walk Worthy Pt. 6

Walk Worthy Pt. 5

Walk Worthy Pt. 4

Walk Worthy Pt. 3

Walk Worthy Pt. 2

Walk Worthy Pt. 1

How to Have a Relationship with God Pt. 5

How to Have a Relationship with God Pt. 4

How to Have a Relationship with God Pt. 3

How to Have a Relationship with God Pt. 2

How to Have a Relationship with God Pt. 1

The Christian Walk

Practicing Unconditional Love

9 Ways to Have Assurance of Salvation Pt. 4

9 Ways to Have Assurance of Salvation Pt. 3

9 Ways to Have Assurance of Salvation Pt. 2

9 Ways to Have Assurance of Salvation Pt. 1

Salvation Through Christ Alone

Understanding Your Spouse

Love & Romance

Rebecca Shares Her Story

The Importance of Out-reach Pt. 2

The Importance of Out-reach

Up-reach, In-reach, and Out-reach

Modern-day False Prophets

In-reach vs. Discipleship

The Manifestation of the Holy Spirit

Christ’s Vision for the Church

Reaching Out To Help Others

Who Or What Is Your First Love?

How to Get the Love Back

What Separates Us from God

Calvary Chapel Eagle Vision, Up Reach Pt. 2

Calvary Chapel Eagle Vision, Up Reach Pt. 1

Insights About the Wise Men

Did the Angels Really Sing?

Was Jesus Born in a Barn?

How Do We Know If We Are Really Saved?

Four Misconceptions about Christmas

Dan & Julie O’Brian Share Their Grief Journey

Pastor Stephen Todd on Christmas

Getting Your Heart Right with God

The Power of the Tongue

Getting Along During the Holidays

Holiday Grief and Loving People

Make Sure Your Theology Comes from the Bible

More on Loving God and Loving One Another

Dealing With Grief During the Holidays

Traveling Through the 5 Stages of Grief

A Few Thoughts on Halloween

A Major Key to a Happy Marriage

Final Word of Clarity on Abusive Relationships

Abuse, What to Do?

Effects of Infidelity and Abuse

More Thoughts on Abusive Relationships

More Thoughts on Remarriage

Transitioning from Divorce to Remarriage

The Right to Remarry

Unpleasant Consequences of Unbiblical Divorce

Dealing With Porn & Other Issues

Should I Stay Because We Have a Child Together?

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing in Marriage

Dealing With a Difficult Spouse

More Clarification About Divorce

Advancing God’s Kingdom with Sewing & Knitting

Biblical & Unbiblical Grounds for Divorce

When Your Spouse Wants Out

How to Have a Great Marriage & Life

The Foundation & Reason for Marriage

A Word About Christian Families

Marriage: Living As One

Cherishing Your Wife

Dealing With Abuse in the Home

Happiness & Holiness in Marriage

Practical Applications of Ephesians 5:26

Financial Control & Dealing With Pride

Ways to Love Your Wife

The Give and Take of Love in Marriage

Submission in Marriage

What the Bible Says About Submission

You Have the Choice to Be Wise or Unwise

Understanding the Lord’s Will

Any Dead Fish Can Float Downstream

Walk in the Spirit

Warnings and Blessings

Immorality Prevents Inheritance

Introducing the Woodsums

Marriage: What About Forgiving Adultery?

Marriage: The Importance of Forgiveness

Marriage: Don’t Give the Devil Place

What is the Meaning of Life?

When Marriage Includes Suffering

Above All Things… Love!

Suffering According to the Will of God

Making a Difference for Jesus

Marriage: Making Right Choices and Actions

Do You Love Me? Pt. 2

Do You Love Me? Pt. 1

Marriage: Remaining in Love

Work on You!

How to Restore Lost Love

The Commandment to “Agape”

Called Into the Fellowship of His Son

A Word About Love and Respect

Loving Your Wife as Yourself

Marriage: Who’s In Charge?

Marriage: Follow Jesus’ Example

Marriage: Be Considerate of Your Spouse

Marriage: Put the Other Person First

Marriage: Watch Your Words

Things that Destroy Relationships

Doing the Right Thing in Your Marriage

Marriage: Be Kind to One Another

He Will Teach Us All Truth

God’s Omnipresence and Our Sin

You Can Insult the Spirit of Grace

The Holy Spirit Pleads for Us

The Holy Spirit Helped the Apostles

The Holy Spirit Points You to Jesus

Guest Ellen Freeman – Moms in Prayer

I Was a Sinner, Now I’m a Saint!

Count All Things Loss

God Writes His Moral Law on Our Hearts

Is it Depression or Demonic Attacks?

We Are Saved to Do Good Works

Justified by Faith or Works?

Hypocrisy in the Church

How Do We Effectively Help the Poor?

False Brethren

Good Friday

By Grace Through Faith

What Does it Mean to Die to Yourself?

Why Does God Let Us Suffer?

God Commissions Us for Reconciliation

Jesus Died to Deliver You from Your Sins

Build Upon What Will Last

You Did It unto Me

We Will Each Receive Whatever We Deserve

This Body Will Fade Away

The Old Has Passed Away

Jesus Put a Great Emphasis on Obedience

Christians Cannot Live in Sin Happily

What Does Jesus Say About Judging?

Narrow Is the Path

What Is the Mark of Abel?

Your Actions Should Reflect Your Love of God

We Are Citizens of Heaven

Meditate On These Things

God’s Prescription For Peace of Mind

Studying The Bible In Context

Praying God’s Will

You Cannot Lose Your Salvation

Taking A Look At Hebrews

The Importance of Fellowship

Christ, The True High Priest

Take the Lord With You

Heaven and Eternal Life

Draw Near to God

The Gifts of the Spirit

Be God Focused

We Are All Invited to the Tabernacle

Turn Your Sorrows Into a Deeper Faith

Start off the Year Stronger

New Year Resolutions with Bob Hurley – Part 2

New Year Resolutions with Bob Hurley

Talking Ministry with Bob Hurley

Who is Jesus? – Pt. 2

Who is Jesus? – Pt. 1

Some Encouragement from Christina

Every Day is a Day for Giving

Whatever Ever Things are True…

Jesus is Not Just Another Superhero

Stop, Pray, and Thank God!

A Study of Philippians

Communion with a Catholic

The Attitude of Gratitude

Put Up Your Necessary Guard Rails

Read Through the Bible Thoroughly

Your Child has to Choose Jesus on Their Own

But YOU Must Continue

Can You Hear the Lord When He Speaks to You?

Calvary Chapel Conference Recap

Don’t Blame Christianity

As Wise as Serpents, Yet as Innocent as Doves

Perserverence is Key

What Christian Example Do You Lead?

Seek What is True With Your Own Eyes

Study the Word for Yourself!

The Church Does Not Make You Immune to Sin

Lovers of Pleasure Rather Than Lovers of God

Lovers of Self

We Need Our Church

You are Not Alone

We Are in the Last Days!

Saved TO Good Works

All Scripture is God-Breathed

If You Got a Gift, Use It!

God Has a Work For You!

Mike is LIVE on the Radio

Look For a Way to Help!

Upward, Inward, Outward Christianity

The Word of God Will Test Our Theology

All Scripture is Given by God

Do Not Worry

Pride is Destructive

Teaching Through the Bible

The Goal of our Instruction is…

How to Trust the Bible

Twisting the Scriptures

Deviating From the Path

Scripture Out of Context

Seeking All of the Lord

Seek God’s Face

The Lord is My Light and My Salvation

Hope for the Lord

Beware False Doctrines!

Are You Ready for the Lord’s Return?

Be Diligent

The Day of the Lord

Destruction and Creation

You Are Not Beyond Forgiveness!

What It Means to Truly Believe

God is Waiting For You

Attitude of Gratitude

Expectations of the Church

Your Responsibilites as a Christian

Listen When God Speaks

Definitions Through Different Lenses

Worship is Therapy

How We Trusted in Jesus

Sexual Immorality

We Made It

People Will Reject the Will of God

What It Takes to Be a Successful Christian

It’s Too Dangerous To Live in Sin

Abiding in the Son

They Were Never Of Us

Will Our Pets Be in Heaven With Us?

Live Like It’s Your Last Day

Narcissism Will Isolate You From God

The Brightness of His Glory

By Him, All Things Were Created

Love Each Other Just as Jesus Loved Us

The Whole World Was Forgiven

We Are Born With Evil Tendencies

Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals

Do Not Love the World

Protecting Your Relationship

Pet Peeves in the Church

The Spirit of Our Lives

Live By His Commandments

Not Everyone Will Enter Heaven

It’s All to God’s Glory

Live According to the Spirit

God’s Righteousness Through Faith

Jesus Is the Only Way to God

This is Love

Gnosticism is Heresy

Systematic Theology

What Will Heaven Be Like?

The Face of God

Easter 2015

Don’t Let Your Love Grow Cold

Good Friday

Palm Sunday 2017 – Part 2

Palm Sunday 2017 – Part 1

Living Through Christ – A Call from Rory

This is Love…

Some Ministry Family Members

The Grace of Jesus Christ

1 John 4:10 – Truth is Not Ice Cream

1 John 4:10 – Test the Spirits

1 John 4:10 – This is Love

The Importance of Righteousness

The Greeks and the Barbarians

Grace and Peace

Jesus is Both Lord AND Savior

John 8:13-24

Romans 1:16 – Why I’m Not Reformed

Romans 1:16 – What is The Gospel?

Romans 1:16 – I’m Not Ashamed of The Gospel

John 8:13-24 – Who is Jesus?

John 8:12 – Light of the World

Matthew 4:19 – Come Follow Me

Matthew 4: Following Jesus

The Pain of Loss and the Reasons to Be Strong

1 Peter 5

The Temptations to Jesus

Draw Near to God

Growing Closer to God to Bring Back Your Family

John 7:25-39 – Can this Be the Christ? – 1

Money Should Never Be Your Priority

God Really Does Care for You

How to Resist the Devil

A Breakdown of Marriage

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Works of the Flesh

Who is Really in Control?

Out With the Old, In With the Eternal

John 7:12

The Vision of CC Eagle for 2017

No Greater Love


Worshipers, Workers, and Witnesses Needed

What is Christmas?

The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts

Who’s Gonna Get That Blessing?

In Reach Pt. 1

What’s Your Relationship with the Holy Spirit?

Fully Receiving the Lord Pt. 2

Fully Receiving the Lord

John 6:52-71 – The Bread of Life – Pt 2

The Love of God

John 6:52-71 – The Bread of Life – Pt 1

Who is Jesus? – Pt 2

Who is Jesus? – Pt 1

1 Peter 1:16 – “Be Holy As I Am Holy.”

Is Your Faith Biblical?

Be Devoted

The Persecution of Christians

You Don’t Divorce Family

True Light

Revelation 3:20 – Behold I Stand and Knock

John 6:30-40 – The Bread From Heaven

John 6:16-29 – Jesus Walks on Water – 2

Isaiah 40:31 – Waiting on the Lord

John 6:16-29 – Jesus Walks on Water

The Trinity 4

The Trinity 3

The Trinity 2

The Trinity 1

John 6:1-15 – Jesus Feeds 5000

The Unforgivable Sin

The Precious Promises

Never Retired

Old Testament Revealed

Be Steadfast of Mind

John 5:31-47

John 5:16-30

Principalities Against Evil

Be Honest. Be Motivated.

Small Groups Are a Must

The Gift of Evangelism

We Need Sin

1 Peter 3

John 5:1-15 Pt. 2

1 Peter 38:9

Is Jesus Worth It?

Christ’s Birthday is Insignificant?

God’s Role for the Husband

The Christian Women

Exigental Analyzing

John 4:43-54 Pt. 2

The Nature of Trash Talkers

1 Peter 3:1

Suicide Awareness

John 4:43-54 Pt. 1

1 Peter 3:18

John 4:27-42 Pt. 2

The Blessings of the Christian Character

Never Ending Glory Pt. 4

Love Never Fails

John 4:27-42 Pt. 1

Glory Revealed in Us

Blast From the Past

John 4:1-26: The Samaritan Woman Pt. 2

Colossians 15-16

Romans 5:8

Psalm 115:3

Armor of God: Attitude of the Soldier

John 4:1-26 : The Samaritan Woman Pt. 1

You Got the Armor – Now Pray!

Armor of God: You’re Equipped, Now Pray!

How Do We Help The Homeless?

Marcy’s First Day of Homelessness

Armor of God: Shield of Faith 4

Build a Legacy

Light and Darkness: John 3:18-21

Armor of God: Shield of Faith 3

Armor of God: Shield of Faith 2

Armor of God: Shield of Faith

John 3:18-21 Pt. 1

Spiritual Warfare: The Gospel of Peace

Spiritual Warfare: The Armor of God

John 3:8-17 Pt. 2

Knowing the Will of God

Spiritual Warfare Pt. 2: Ephesians 6:16

Spiritual Warfare: Ephesians 6:16

John 3:8-17

Content and Context of Hebrews 2

Hebrews 2:18

The Brink of An Affair

John 3:1-8: How Can I Be Born Again?

Forgiveness and Abuse

Loving God and Living in Sin

John 2:17-25 Pt. 2

Context of John 14:21

Can You Go to Heaven and NOT Love God?

Cruise Ships, Alcohol and Christian Music

The Sassos are back: John 14:21

John 2:17-25 Pt. 1

In Reach Pt. 2

In Reach Pt. 1

Up Reach Pt. 2

Up Reach Pt. 1

John 2:12-22: Jesus’ Anger Pt. 2

The Trinity Pt. 4

The Trinity Pt. 3

The Trinity Pt. 2

The Trinity Pt. 1

John 2:12-22: Jesus’ Anger

Rich Wise of the CEF

Demonic Possession

Psalm 119 Cont.

Psalm 119

John 2:1-11 – Being a Servant Pt. 2

The Boy Scouts of America

Men Counseling Women

Helping the Homeless

The Foundation of Our Nation

Why Not Sin?

Spiritual Maturity

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