Reviving a Dead Heart – Robert Jesssen

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In Today’s program, Dr. B is talking about the HEART of this country. Why is there such violence and hate in this country over the election and how does that relate to you as a Christian.

Dr. B has shares a testimonial from Robert Jessen. In 2005, 75% of Robert’s heart was deemed DEAD after a heart attack. Since he has been seeing Dr. Baker, things have completely changed. His heart is now 75% ALIVE according to his medical doctor. The medical doctor can’t figure it out… Listen to how it happened.

Dr. B aslo talks about the dangers of taking blood pressure drugs and cholesterol drugs and he talks about how you can heal your heart naturally by getting pressure off of the nerves that feed your heart.

Also, would you believe that there is no such thing as “Bad” cholestoral!? Why would you have elevated cholesterol or blood pressure in the 1st place? Dr. B teaches us what LDL and HDL mean and why we would call it “Bad” cholestoral. Dr. B also teaches us how to lower cholesterol and blood pressure without drugs.


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