Study on Joshua – Bruce Young

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Small Group Questions: 1. Read Joshua 14. In verse 8-9 Caleb references the 12 spies, 10 who were fearful and 2 (Joshua and Caleb) who “fully followed the Lord.” What obstacles do we face in our world today that make it difficult to fully follow the Lord? Where can fear be an obstacle? What is God asking you to “fully follow” him in right now? 2. Read Isaiah 35:4, John 14:27, Romans 1:17. Bruce said that fear makes it hard to be faithful. Do you agree or disagree? How can fear be an obstacle? What fear are you facing right now? How is God asking you to face this fear with faith? 3. As you consider the new year, consider the questions Bruce posed on Sunday: “How much time do you have left on this earth and what does God want you to do with it?” “Where have you been in regard to serving God int he past and how does that influence the present?” What might be God calling you to in service for Him? 4. Bruce mentioned that Caleb’s name means raging do, or with canine madness. What passion has God given you that you can pursue for Him with “canine madness”? 5. What is God asking you to obey after studying this passage?