Zephaniah 1:12-2:2 12 At that time I will search Jerusalem with lamps,     and I will punish the men who are complacent,[a]     those who say in their hearts, ‘The Lord will not do good,     nor will he do ill.’ 13 Their goods shall be plundered,     and their houses laid waste. Though they build houses,     they shall not inhabit them; though they plant vineyards,     they shall not drink wine from them.” 14 The great day of the Lord is near,     near and hastening fast; the sound of the day of the Lord is bitter;     the mighty man cries aloud there. 15 A day of wrath is that day,     a day ofRead More →

Habakkuk 2:12-20 12 “Woe to him who builds a town with blood     and founds a city on iniquity! 13 Behold, is it not from the Lord of hosts     that peoples labor merely for fire,     and nations weary themselves for nothing? 14 For the earth will be filled     with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord     as the waters cover the sea. 15 “Woe to him who makes his neighbors drink—     you pour out your wrath and make them drunk,     in order to gaze at their nakedness! 16 You will have your fill of shame instead of glory.     Drink, yourself, and show your uncircumcision! The cup in the Lord‘s rightRead More →

Habakkuk 2:4-12 4 “Behold, his soul is puffed up; it is not upright within him,     but the righteous shall live by his faith.[a] 5 “Moreover, wine[b] is a traitor,     an arrogant man who is never at rest.[c] His greed is as wide as Sheol;     like death he has never enough. He gathers for himself all nations     and collects as his own all peoples.” Woe to the Chaldeans 6 Shall not all these take up their taunt against him, with scoffing and riddles for him, and say, “Woe to him who heaps up what is not his own—     for how long?—     and loads himself with pledges!” 7 Will not yourRead More →