Today Skip is talking with former Boise State Football Coach and now Washington Husky, Chris Petersen. Skip is talking with Chris about life, football and his game plan for life. How has the transition been going since he left Idaho? How do the Huskies look this year? Listen in and learn more. Check out the Game Plan for Life Archive PageRead More →

Game Plan for Life

Today Skip has guest Stoney Foster. Dr. Stoney Foster runs the Wellness Center of Boise. He’s talking with Skip about his practice, education and life here in Idaho. Listen in and learn what skills and practices Dr. Foster has employed for his game plan for life. If you want to learn more about Dr. Foster, his team and the services he provides at the Wellness Center of Boise check out Check out the Game Plan for Life Archive PageRead More →

Jacki and Doug Corta

Skip Hall is talking to Jacki Corta, the wife of the late Doug Corta. Doug was the Eagle High School Softball coach who began their journey to two state championships and the No. 1 ranking in the nation. Skip and Jacki are talking about her story and the battle of Doug’s Cancer. What’s it like being a coach’s wife? How did she maintain her faith through her husband’s battle with cancer that ultimately led to his death? Check out the Game Plan for Life Archive Page Read More →

Game Plan for Life

Skip is in with Jon Strain. Jon Strain is the Area Director for Search in Idaho since 2002. Raised in Montana, Jon earned a BA (Speech) at Idaho State University and Master of Divinity at Western Seminary, Portland. He has served in a pastoral role with college students in Utah, a church pastor in Utah and Idaho, and now considers himself “a pastor to the spiritually disenfranchised” in the Boise area. Jon trains men up in matters of the heart and mind, helping them take the next step toward God. Jon compatibly exudes a style that one participant described as “fun, open, friendly and serious-minded.” HeRead More →

Event Highlights Join over 1,000 fans and community leaders as they look beyond the field for understanding and wisdom of what it takes to be a champion in life. Listen in as Coach Gibbs tells his Football and NASCAR stories and how God has been his life’s head coach. Renaldo Wynn will join coach and take us through his professional football experience and the challenges that face everyone in their walk of life. The Walk-Through The Caven Williams complex will be turned into a carefully planned banquet facility for all attendees. The morning will begin with breakfast and NFL and NASCAR highlights shown on bigRead More →