Life point

Life Point is an inspirational show that airs at 8:45 am Monday – Friday on 94.1 The Voice. Tom Dougherty of the Cloverdale Church of God seeks to share God’s truth and interview people who have experienced an encounter with the Lord. They are never the same but in every show He seeks to lift up the name of Jesus.Read More →

Only a tiny fraction of India’s 1.1 billion people are evangelical Christians. But millions are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ in 16 of their own languages through programs produced by local believers and aired daily on shortwave and weekly on local FM radio. Christ-followers in India with a passion to reach their own people with the Good News have been trained to produce radio programs that will touch the hearts of those searching for hope and meaning in life and draw them to know Him. In one radio series, portions of the New Testament are read and the listener is asked, “Would you likeRead More →