This nondenominational group Bible study hopes to utilize the connectivity of the internet and radio to help spread God’s Word and to share His presence in our lives to others. Our mission is to spiritually uplift our community, and work with others in their communities to share towards the greater good. You can catch Rely on Scripture each weekday from 8-9 PM MST here on 94.1 The Voice. Learn more at    Read More →

Беседа на тему “Не Беги от Бога”. Иисус предлагает всем желающим прощение, это Его характер. Так-же в программе Любовь Коротких читает Потоки в Степи и пение групп Русавуки и Набат. Discussion on Joel 2. Jesus forgives everyone who comes to Him. That is His character. Also included in the program Streams in the Desert read by Lyubov Korotkih, and music by Rusavuki and Nabat.Read More →