In Today’s Show we’re hanging out with Ken Cross the Worship Leader of Fill My Cup and the lead guitar player in The Renewing. He’s playing some music and sharing with us the lineup for the Summer Alive Festival. Check out the list below if you want to Sing Along. 1. Taste of Eternity – Bellarive 2. You Saved My Soul – Rivers and Robots 3. Finally Free – Lovelite 4. Build My Home – Judah Lee 5. He Will Lead – Ken Cross  No Lyrcis 6. Felix Culpa – Kings Kaleidoscope 7. Words Remain – Josh Garrels 8. Run Free – Jon Foreman 9. HumanRead More →

It’s a Music Show that’s breaking away from the mainstream. You can Listen each weekend on Saturday at 10 PM MT as weekend expand your horizons in Christian Music. The Voice Underground focuses on playing talented artist in the christian realm that don’t hit the mainstream. We also focus on bringing the gospel message to those that will hear it from a new generation of leaders. We have artists like Waken, Rivers and Robots, Judah Lee, Ghost Ship, Kings Kaleidoscope and Lot More! Don’t know them… then you’ll definitely want to tune in! Oct 24, 2015 Featuring Preston Sprinkle, “Why Millennials are Leaving the Church?”Read More →