Episode Summary Today, Dave and Harold welcome special guest Elliot Chadoff onto the program once again. Elliot Chadoff is a political and military analyst that specializes in the Middle East conflict and the global war on terror. He has been a guest on this show many times and lives in Haifa, Israel. For today’s show, the three speakers are going to be discussing the issues that Israel is facing and what is going on in that “neighborhood.” There are so many important stories from that region that need to be shared that are never discussed in mainstream media, and Dave, Harold, and Elliot are goingRead More →

Game Plan For Life

Today, on this Veteran’s Day, Skip is talking to Major General Gary L. Sayler. General Sayler has recently retired from the Idaho National Guard as Adjutant General
Commander. General Sayler earned his commission through the Reserve Officer Training Corps. His initial operational assignment was in Thailand flying combat missions throughout Southeast Asia.Read More →